SKD Japan supplies OA and office equipment, their parts and recycled toner cartridges for printers.

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Sales of OA equipment parts
We develop, produce and sell various rollers that are used for OA equipment. Our high mechanical technology meets micron-level requirements.
Sales of OA equipment parts    Sales of OA equipment parts

Development, production and sales
Various kinds of rollers such as feed rollers and fuser rollers are used for OA equipment. We are a leading manufacturer of those important parts.
Our rollers are highly appreciated all over the world, with most of them being exported to Europe and Asia.
♦Rollers for various types of OA equipment
Feed rollers, discharge rollers, separation rollers, rollers for image development, fuser rollers, cleaning rollers, memory rollers, impact rollers, drive rollers, driven rollers, water absorption rollers, etc.
Development, production and sales

♦We manufacture rollers made from various materials.
Fluorine resin rollers, rubber rollers, sponge rollers, felt processed products, silicon rollers, FLC rollers, silicon foam rollers, tube processed rollers, metallic rollers, etc.
Development, production and sales

♦Our equipment for producing rollers
Machine nameSpecificationsQuantity
Rubber mixing machine14 inches1
Microwave cleaning machine 3
Air blast machine 4
Spray painting machineMAX L1,0506
Automatic painting machine360 rolls/hr.1
Continuous kiln360 rolls/hr.2
Batch kilnMax 1,05010
GrinderMax L1,05016
Extrusion molding machine800 rolls/hr.1
Ejection molding machine360 rollers/hr.3
Compression molding machine150 tons3
Electrostatic coating machine360 rollers/hr.1
Electric resistance measuring unitAdvantest2
Laser outer diameter measuring machineMITSUTOYO2
Surface roughness testerTokyo Precision machine1

Development and production of various rubber products using roller production technology
We have been developing various kinds of rubber products using technology for OA equipment rollers. Our high technology is also used in fields other than OA equipment.